About My Services

Transformational Bodywork

I use a Swedish Massage framework, which is very relaxing and helps to improve your circulation and immune systems' function. Within that framework, I may have you use your own awareness to just be with the outside edges of any pain or discomfort. This helps you get in touch with what you're feeling in a way that often helps to naturally resolve the discomfort.

Awareness-based Therapy works particularly well with Trigger Point Therapy, which relieves muscle congestion and tight "knots", and EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Meridian Tapping Techniques), which brings your energy back into balance by lightly tapping on certain points on your body. EFT is often compared to acupuncture, except fingertips are used instead of needles. I also use Advanced Reiki, which is a transference of Universal Healing Energy. Reiki will raise your own energy, and most people find it warm and relaxing. All of these natural methods combine to help you relax in a deeper, longer lasting, more complete way.