About Me

imageSometime in the 80's, I fell in love with regular bodywork. At that time, I had two teen-aged daughters and I owned and operated a local sporting goods store. I had constant deadlines, a payroll to meet every week, and two kids who never seemed to agree with me. I worked 6 or 7 days a week. I did this for sixteen years.

My massage appointment was my one little oasis. I could relax. Just for a while, I could let everything go. Just thinking about being on the table helped me relax.
So when I sold the store in 1996, I decided to go to massage school. I wanted to help people relax and enjoy life more.

Everything I do is done with the intention of helping you relax. My office is in a natural setting on a quiet country road. For three seasons, you'll be able to hear the wind as it moves through the leaves. You'll hear the birds singing, and wonder if they're outside or it's the music that's playing. My table is heated and cozy from fall to spring. In the summer, even when it's hot and humid, my office is breezy and cool.

Once you're here and on the table, first your body starts to relax, then your mind automatically starts to quiet down. Space appears. You start to breath deeper, colors are richer, you laugh more, life is more enjoyable. You feel more alive.

So make some quality time for yourself. It's easy. Just give me a call anytime, or contact me here through my website.